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2014 October



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Taking these products won’t make you me, or Cindy, or Lindsey, or Lebron. The products will help you fill some gaps, but I’ve always said they’re called supplements because they supplement all the work you’re doing. Hard work is the main course. On multiple occasions I had to correct him on animal work he wanted me to do ( he thought waking up a sleeping rat and a anesthetized rat was the same and didn want me to look at the literature to see if it been done). Lately he has been missing meeting with no email before and after and no response when I try to call. I basically started just using him for any signatures I need.Currently I technically about 5 6 weeks of experiments away from finishing.

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Update your light switches with new panels that match the d of the house. Replace your old light bulbs with new energy efficient light bulbs. This, of course, doesn’t really change the quality of the house that much, but it gives the potential buyers a sense that the previous owners were environmentally conscious, which helps the sale.

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